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Curug Kaliangkak is a tourist curug subang which is also not less popular with other subak curugs like Curug Ciangin, Curug Ponggang, Curug Dawuan and others. Location Curug Kaliangkak located in the area of ​​Curug Agung Village. So, visit to Curug Kaliangkak highly recommended also to visit Curug Cisaladah. Both have the same incredible beauty.
Until now Kaliangkak still be the most popular tourist in subang. Because of the beauty and purity of nature, curug kaliangkak become prey of lovers of natural beauty. Popularity Curug kaliangkak increasingly skyrocketed when the number of social media users upload photos set this tour. From the elderly, especially among young people, participate happily enjoy the beauty of every corner of Curug Kaliangkak beauty.
Seeing this, will certainly bring fresh air for the tourism sector in Subang. Where dozens of other subang tourist sites that are not too well known will also come skyrocket like Curug Kaliangkak this. As mentioned earlier. Visiting Curug Kaliangkak then it is recommended also to visit Curug Cisalada. The location of Curug Kaliangkak is very close to Curug Cisaladah.
Curug Kaliangkak has a height of about 6 meters and under the waterfall there is a large enough pool which is usually used as a place to swim and take pictures by the visitors. The depth of the pond is approximately approximately 1 -2 meters. Depth point is different so that for tourists who want to swim there please be more careful. What’s more when the rainfall is high, it is not recommended to swim in the pond. Because the flow of waterfalls will be stronger and it could endanger safety.
Uniqueness Curug Kaliangkak seen when the dry season arrives. The uniqueness of the waterfill reservoir pool will look blue, it is caused by the clear water that flows from the top of the waterfall, accompanied by the reflection of sunlight then almost the whole pool looks blue. But when it comes to the rainy season, this waterfall waterfall pool will turn brown. Flow waterfall that flows will be larger and wide.

Location Curug Kaliangkak

Curug Kaliangkak and Curug Cisalada are in the same location. So administratively, Curug Kaliangkak is located in Nagrak Village, Ciater Subdistrict, Subang Regency, West Java Province. Indonesia.
Access to curug kaliangkak is not too difficult. To get to the tourist location Curug Kaliangkak visitors can access it by using two-wheeled vehicles or four wheels. Then the vehicle is parked in the parking lot of the villa. Later you can see the signpost signs that read “Curug Kaliangkak”. And then the journey will be followed by walking down the stairs, the distance about 120 meters to the location of Curug Kaliangkak.

Fasilitas Curug Kaliangkak

Dikawasan wisata kaliangkak telah tersedia lahan parkir, warung-warung kecil, villa pribadi yang bisa kamu sewa. Sedangkan untuk faslitas umum seperti toilet umum, mushola masih belum tersedia sebab pemerintah masih belum mengelola wisata air terjun ini secara maksimal.

Destinasi Wisata Curug Koleangkak