In the village of Kasomalang Wetan, Kasomalang Subdistrict, Subang Regency there is a water attraction that is Situ Cigayonggong, which means Lake Cigayonggong. Precisely in the hamlet of Cileutik. Area of ​​this area about 3.77 Ha. Here, we can lure various types of fish such as catfish, tilapia, goldfish, and other fish. Many facilities that we can enjoy in this tourist attractions in addition to fishing. For ages over 2 years and above, we only need to spend money of Rp. 5,000, – in order to get into this Situ Cigayonggong water tourism area. In Situ Cigayonggong water park there are many other fun facilities such as 2 children pool with various game type, adult swimming pool, mini water boom, water bike, ball soccer arena, entertainment stage, children play arena, two halls, garden durian monthong, camp area, outbound and relaxed saung. For those who want to spend the night in this tourist area, is also available lodging around Situ Cigayonggong area. These attractions are usually crowded every weekend and holiday. Every once a year This site is always dried and fish are taken or in the local language called “dibedahkeun”, this activity is done every few days before the month of Ramadan, and usually the fish can be observed by all villagers.

Route to Situ Cigayonggong

Situ cigayonggong located ± 15 km from Subang city, if visitors from the direction of Cipali Toll directly take the path Subang City. Then towards Bandung, about ± 12 Km visitors will arrive at the junction of Pineapple Statues Jalancagak. From there visitors take toward Kasomalang or to Sumedang line, sekita ± 2 Km met with Kasomalang market (Market 500). But before the market visitors take the left direction, to Kasomalang Wetan. Not far away, Situ’s location will be visible. If from the direction of bandung, will pass Tangkuban boat, Ciater, then will meet with T-junction of Pineapple Jalancagak Statue. For the next route the same as above. With easy access, Situ Cigayonggong can be used as an alternative tour with family.
Situ Cigayonggong

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