In addition to the natural mountains in the South, Subang regency, also has the attraction of tourism potential in the northern region. One of them, in the District Sukasari, along the river using a traditional boat while enjoying the natural charm of mangrove forest to stop at the “island” Gagara Menyan. When arriving on the land called the citizens as the island, the panorama is unique because it can see four different viewpoints. To the south of the mainland green belt with mangrove forests and three other sides, to the east and west and north in the form of open seas, and occasionally can see the fishing boats were sailing. Another uniqueness, Gagara Menyan Island can not be stopped at any time of the year because it depends on weather conditions. At certain times the island may appear and disappear.

When the rob season, almost certainly the island was covered with sea water. The island has allure for adventure lovers. On the way to the island, first along the mangrove forest by boat. Sansasi “rocked” waves that can spur the adrenaline in the journey to the “Island” Gegara Menyan in the northern coastal waters of Subang. From the city center Subang Regency, first traveled a distance of about 60 kilometers, if no obstacles can take 1.5 hours. From Pamanukan, cross the national road to the coast of Jakarta Subang pantura. Then stop around Markoni Restaurant, Sukasari. To the north there is an entrance to the Village Hall Anggasari. Road access is relatively good, although in some locations there are still damaged. Not far from the village hall there is a big river and from there the journey begins by using a fishing boat owned by local residents. The trip will look amazing when entering the mangrove forest. Its natural keasriaan can spoil the eye.

In the middle of the journey, there is a stopover place called Candrawulan name. After a 10-minute journey, after the mangrove forest is confronted on the high seas. There, the journey full of sensation, especially when the waves are large, parahu was shaken left and right, including up and down following the ocean currents. After 10 minutes, feeling the “delicious” rock shaken no less exciting than the game in modern recreation, then can set foot on the island. When the weather is normal, the mainland of Gagara Menyan Island is quite wide. Long stretch of land can be 1 kilometer and 50 meters wide, depending on weather conditions. “It’s so fun to travel to the Gagara Menyan, it’s so tiring when it arrives at Gagara Menyan, it’s quiet and beautiful when you walk along the river on the left-right side of the mangrove forest, when the sea is adrenaline-driven, , and up and down, “said Galih, Purwadadi Subang residents recount his journey to the island north of Subang.

However, he regrets on the land looks a lot of garbage though not eliminate the amazement of seeing the scenery around him. “So the position of being in the middle of the sea, we can see the unimpeded surroundings, to the green green mangrove forests, the rest of the sea,” he said. Chairman of the Tourism Movement Community (Kompepar) Subang, Alam Rantjatan, accompanied by youth leaders of Anggasari Village, Jamaludin, hoping that in 2017 Gagara Menyan can be prepared as Tourism Village because of the potential to be developed, of course it needs to be supported also by the arrangement of the surrounding environment. ***


Pulau Gegara Menyan

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